Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear God I Suck

Yeah......so it's been a year since the previous post?
New Year's resolution - keep tabs on the damn blog! Even if only for my own sake!

Quick summary for 2012 - overall a decent year. I started a new job at a local library and discovered just how much I LOVE working around books, checked a few more classes off my list of credits needed for my MA in history, and finally started riding a new horse more regularly.

December, in a word, sucked. December is stressful. Husband and I are wrapping up our semester and stressing over papers (me), projects and final exams (him). On top of that we have family and friends wanting to get together to celebrate the holidays, but there are only so many weekends in the month and we still have to get some shopping done for said relatives. I am not on good terms with my husband's step-mother, so any get-together is a treat to say the least. Last year she heard from someone I've never met who heard from someone else that I was pregnant and instead of asking me just ignored me all Christmas. I never confirmed the rumor because it was none of her business. This year my sister-in-law announced she was expecting and of course everyone was overjoyed, and she and her husband were spoiled with gifts. Thankfully my husband at least received the extension cord he wanted. I am still waiting on the french press I asked for. Family.
But on top of this, my grandpa, Bumpa as he is known to my mother's side of the family, had to go to the hospital after he fell at home and cracked some ribs. We ended up bringing Christmas to him in the rehab center so he would be surrounded by family. It turned out to be his last gift to us. The next day he suffered a minor heart attack, then went fairly peacefully in his sleep that evening. I held his hand the whole time; my mum, one aunt and a couple cousins were with him as well. I still miss him, but he's with his wife now, who left us 2 days before my wedding.
a special dance with Bumpa at my wedding

The Saturday after Christmas we were hit by another blow - my grandma, my dad's mother, died of a heart attack. None of us were expecting it. I buried 2 grandparents in 2 weeks. My husband's family never came to pay respects.

As if that were not a horrible enough way to start 2013, right after the funerals I came down with the flu. Between that and the funerals I took too much time off from work and lost both my part-time jobs in one week. I am now unemployed, looking for a new job!

Husband has a full class schedule which only lets him work weekends this semester. I'm doing what I can to help make life easier for him, keeping the house clean and providing healthy, hearty meals to eat. Our lease on the apartment is up for renewal at the end of March, and since our new landlord is also our neighbor, the walls are thin, and he is loud, I know our rent will be increasing. Utilities are not covered, so an increase could mean moving elsewhere. I've begun taking inventory of what can be stored, what can be sold/donated, and what can be packed up for now.

2013 may have started off rough, but I am determined to make the best of things!