Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Marriage is a partnership. It is also an adjustment. You're taking two people, with all their likes, dislikes, quirks and flaws and throwing them together in the same house in a contract that is both spiritually and legally binding. Now, assuming the two haven't been living together before the marriage, suddenly they're thrown together every single day, no break, no change except for the comings and goings necessary for a daily job and errands. For some, for many, this can be a huge stress, and can even cause rifts. So far, my new husband and I cannot get enough of each other, but then again, we hardly see each other. While I am going to work part-time and school very part-time to get my Master's in History, he is working almost full-time (at just under 40 hours each week) and going to school full-time to get his Bachelor's in Architecture and Design. His service in the US Army gives him the benefit of four years of college paid in full. This is a great opportunity for him and I will never begrudge him anything, but it's a terrible strain having him gone from 7:30 in the morning to 10:00 at night five nights each week. Saturdays I get to see him by 6 in the evening, and Sundays, glorious, God-given Sundays, we have the entire day together. This we spend cuddling in the mornings, going to church, and then spending the afternoon getting him caught up on homework for the week. I'm hoping one of these Sundays to take a break and go somewhere fun after church, maybe Davis' Farmland for the giant corn maze, or an afternoon of edification in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts. My job at a living history museum and our statuses as college students can either get us in free or for a great discount just about anywhere! I've become quite adept at utilizing the system!

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