Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Friggin Love Fall

It is officially my favorite season. And has been since Frodo's birthday (any Geek or literary nerd worth their salt better know this). Honestly, what's not to love about Autumn?? Ok besides the ever shorter days, that I will agree is a bummer. I'd love to have an Autumn with the sunset around 8pm. But besides that, why complain? GORGEOUS scenery, especially if you are lucky enough to live in New England and get to see foliage out your windows. Perfect temperatures - sunny and warm during the day but cool in the evenings and early mornings, giving you the perfect excuse to curl up in a blanket, next to your sweetie, or with a beloved furry pet whether they are willing or no. There's apple picking, apple cider hot and cold, pumpkin everything, hot cocoa or tea. Fall fashion is the best. Fall is the blessed season for academics such as myself, with schools back in session and all those pens, pencils, planners, notebooks, and textbooks begging to be used! I love nothing better than walking on a university campus. I can know not a soul but still feel entirely at home.
This scrumptious photo brought to you by Lonely Planet

So I'm sitting here, doing my homework *writing my blog* and listening to Pandora, which of course I keep referring to as Pandorica. If you don't get the reference you don't watch Doctor Who and need to immediately. It will change your life. If you hate the show, stop reading this blog because no doubt I won't be much more likeable. Anyways, I'm not even one month into class and I'm behind in the readings. Not that it's vital since there's no exams, but if I don't do the readings I don't learn as much. So I'm trying to be good and catch up. Unfortunately there are so many things on the web to distract me. Like this new discovery of epic cuteness:

Oh holy hell I get distracted so easily.

Speaking of distractions, since this is too long to post on Facebook I'll post my rant here. I went out to Amherst today for some errands and fun me-shopping and on my way back home I ended up stuck behind a semi truck whose driver was clearly either new to driving huge trucks or just completely inept at his job. Every damn hill we came to, and there's a lot on Route 9, he slowed down just before the hill and then continued to lose his speed up the hill. Normally cars are doing 50mph on this road but everyone behind him was doing around 30-35. We barely hit 45, which is the posted speed limit. I had this witch pass me AND the semi just to get away, while I decided to be a law-abiding citizen for once and only pass in a passing zone, which of course every time I reached I had oncoming traffic preventing me from freeing myself from the Bumbling Behemoth. At one point I was sandwiched between BB and another semi who knew how to drive and negotiate hills and was therefore eating my bumper. Clearly we were playing a game of turn the compact Jetta into a more compact 2-seater, and without my consent. I was finally able to pass when BB figured out how to pull off the road a bit and let me zoom by. I was ever so grateful.

For those not in the know: tomorrow is my birthday. Oddly, I find myself more excited by birthdays the older I get, even though I now want to be in denial about my age. Not that it matters, since I still look several years younger than I actually am. Last year I had someone ask me if I was a sophomore in college. I responded "Um, actually I'm in grad school." They were embarrassed, I was embarrassed, it was all good and awkward. I'm still in grad school FYI, and will be at least another year. Oh and I'm turning 26 tomorrow. Which freaks me out, but there will be gifts and cake, so I'll be fine. Part of my freakout is that by tomorrow I will no longer have any health insurance. I've thus far been covered by my parents (which is awesome since my husband uses his student health insurance and is just never sick), but will no longer be eligible and like the good procrastinator I am I have not applied for state insurance. Thankfully I just refilled my prescriptions so I have a little time, but still. I need to get my arse in gear before I run out. I don't want to deal with me off my anti-depressants!
Aside from the major bummer of no health insurance, tomorrow is gonna be good. The only gift I know about for certain is my brothers - he's giving me Iron Man 3. I can't wait to watch it again.

Ok off I go!

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