Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh My God I Did It Again

Oh good, you're awake. Feed us.
This is how I spend most of my mornings - waking up in bed to see my furry little monsters staring at me (not always from the bed of course, sometimes lurking on the floor), waiting for me to open my eyes so they can start talking about how hungry they are. Literally, talking. Not English, because frankly that would be too much for my caffeine-deprived morning brain, but in chirps and meows. Incessantly, mind you.
The rest of my mornings, since my summer class ended, have been spent either reading or browsing the Internet (I.E. Facebook or Buzzfeed) until I happen to notice several hours have passed and I've done nothing productive. Again. I seriously need to be paid to procrastinate, I do it so damn well.

Soooo, yeah, I apologize for never getting back to this poor deprived blog. What with all the time I've wasted, plus sleep, and other necessities, I've just been swamped. And now it's the start of a new semester! I am back in another class - World War I - as well as starting my graduate assistantship for my university's Center for Teaching and Learning. And I've jumped in with both feet, not really knowing the waters or how well I can swim. My job for the next 2 years is working as the assistant editor for the Center's online magazine; I'm in charge of email correspondence, arranging for reviewers and submissions, setting up meetings, and actually publishing the magazine to the internet. My assistantship calls for 15hrs of work each week but I have a feeling I will be pulling extra hours at home. This as well as staying on top of my readings and research for class. I'd really like to not BS my way through my first few assignments, which means I need to actually read the books I'll be citing for my paper at the end of term.

In other news: Husband and I recently celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. Definitely a lot more squabbling this past year, but I still love him and couldn't survive without him. And in our defense, this past year was horrendous. A lot of stress from school and all its lovely demands on both of us, sudden deaths in the family, and I lost my jobs. Yeah, jobs. "Let go" from one (which at least gave me the grace of quitting and sending in a letter of resignation) and fired from another. In their defense, I had taken advantage of their leniency towards calling out, and did so way too often. Usually because I was actually sick, but often because my depression had become bad and I couldn't even get out of bed. And I never divulged this to either employer. And honestly I think the one that fired me didn't really believe me when I told them I had lost another family member the same week as the first one (2 grandparents, 2 different sides of the family, and within days of each other). Oh well. Live and learn! (Such as, I will never call out again and just give my coworkers whatever plague I've contracted. I love to share.)
But I digress! Our anniversary we spent the whole day in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Got some sun at Plum Island and walked around downtown. Husband couldn't take more than the day off, and since we're saving for a house neither of us wanted to spend money going somewhere for the weekend, but the day trip was wonderful. A whole day where we acted like newlyweds once more. It was a nice break from the norm!

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